LIVECTA transition programs are community-based programs where students build upon and further develop the skills necessary for independence. All of our programs focus on our core program areas: Employment, Education, Social/Personal, Community and Independent Living.

Instruction is delivered through a variety of methods including small group workshops, advising sessions, and in-house staff instruction. Instructional strategies are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

"This is exactly what a program for individuals on the spectrum should be."

Dr. Wilbur Nelson


We believe that learning is a continuum that should include formal, informal, unstructured, and person centered authentic instruction. With support and guidance we facilitate a paradigm shift from traditional learning to self-directed learning. Self-directed learning empowers the student to take control of one’s learning needs, strategies and goals. We recognize and promote self-sufficiency to guide independence and nurture within a democratic environment. Learning is embedded into daily routines to provide reinforcement and generalization. Instruction occurs within the natural settings with natural consequences, to provide authentic experiences. We believe that learning should take a community approach to prepare students for future success and independence.