Meet Up Groups

Niantic, CT

A meet up for individuals for young adults on the spectrum. Weekly activities within the community are planned by the participants as a group. The overarching goal of the meet up is to provide an opportunity to practice and generalize social skills that are learned in the workshops. 

Cost: The cost of this group is free with the participation of fee based weekly workshops or $125/monthly a la carte. (Participants are responsible for the cost of the activity planned). The meet up does not contain an instructional component but is an opportunity to apply the skills that are taught and reinforced during workshops.


Eligibility: Individuals 18 and older identified with HFA, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS or Social Communication Disorders. Participants in this group must have the safety and independent living skills required to be without direct supervision. During the meet up, young adult mentors are present to serve as role models as well as intervene if needed.

Social Skills Workshops: Small group cohorts will meet weekly for direct social skills instruction.

Instruction: Role playing, discussions, video clips, practice scenarios etc.

Sample Topics:

  • Planning and preparing for being part of a group

  • Communication channels/frequency

  • Situational setting expectations

  • Starting, maintaining and ending conversations

  • Open ended questions vs. close ended questions

  • Give/take

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Joking/sarcasm

  • Situational perspective taking

Contact Catherine Chow at cchow@lvecenter.comto set up a meeting or call 860-445-7626 x 111.

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